Square Enix Announces Final Fantasy VII Cloud Figure that comes with an NFT

Square Enix Announces it's Selling a Final Fantasy VII Cloud Figure that comes with an NFT

As a part of Final Fantasy VII’s 25th anniversary, Square Enix has announced that it’s selling a Cloud figure that comes with an NFT as part of the purchase.

The Cloud figure is set to release sometime in November 2023 and on its own is being sold for $129.99 USD, but for a little extra you can get the action figure with an NFT ticket in the “Digital Plus Edition” for $159.99 USD which will be sold exclusively on the Square Enix store. Anyone who decides to pick up the NFT tier of the figure will be able to exchange tickets that redeem a digital certificate of authenticity and a digital version of the figure which can be enjoyed on PC or smartphone.

“Both digital certificate of authenticity and digital version of the figure is managed by the blockchain technology known as NFTs. A digital certificate of authenticity provides proof of authenticity for your original purchase of the figure,” Square Enix’s description of the “Digital Plus Edition” states.

Square Enix Announces It'S Selling A Final Fantasy Vii Cloud Figure That Comes With An Nft 1
Source: Square Enix

The publisher is partnering up with NFT company Enjin to produce NFTs for Final Fantasy VII‘s 25th anniversary. That means if you’re wanting to go for the Final Fantasy NFT you’ll have to create an account with Enjin and download the Enjin Wallet app to view the digital NFT version of the figure. Square Enix does include a “caution before purchasing’ note on the pre-order page that warns interested buyers that the NFT can’t be sold at first and down the line if Enjin decides to pull the plug on its services that the NFT will be basically useless.

Fans reacting to the news of Final Fantasy VIIs first official NFT notice the irony of using the tech with the game’s promoting the message of environmentalism which is seemingly being ignored by Square Enix. Enjin has said in the past it “will enable carbon-neutral NFTs by the year 2030.”

The Cloud figure will be available sometime in November 2023 for $129.99 USD, or $159.99 for the “Digital Plus Edition” that includes the NFT.

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