Square Enix’s NFT Project—Symbiogenesis—Gets New Trailer

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The upcoming NFT project from Square Enix, titled Symbiogenesis, received an all-new teaser trailer before their website launches later this week.

Originally teased last year, Symbiogenesis—from the developer and publisher Square Enix—has gotten a new teaser trailer ahead of its full website launch later this week. Although there are still many questions as to what this experience will consist of, it’s gotten some heat for continuing the company’s flirtation with NFTs.

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Additionally, Symbiogenesis was originally believed to be a Parasite Eve revival, which made this sort of game being announced instead even more disappointing. Following the resignation of Square Enix’s President and more issues with NFTs across the game industry, some are taking a stand against titles like this, while others continue to embrace them.

A completely new form of “NFT-based entertainment,” Symbiogenesis allows players to receive 10,000 collectible artworks that meet real game utility. Beyond that, there isn’t much to go on in terms of how players will actually interact with Symbiogenesis besides it being browser-based.

The project will be officially released on March 17th, when the site launches, with a “Scheduled Free Mint campaign launch” to be released at that same time. Featuring characters sporting unique designs, with various races and professions, and bust-up pictures that can be used as profile pictures, Symbiogenesis will be released in six chapters in total.

Square Enixs Nft Projectsymbiogenesisgets New Trailer 23031403 1

For those who haven’t heard of this upcoming project (game?), here is the description of Symbiogenesis‘ story from the official website:

In a not so distant future…

Humanity has managed to survive by living on the Floating continent, the last safe haven on Earth where life is still possible amidst the pollution.

As conflict is no longer, the people live while progressively reclaiming past civilization.

However, their peaceful lives were shattered by the sudden attack of the Dragon, putting the existence itself of the Floating Continent in dange.

While humanity fights to repel its attack, they are faced with choices that will determine their fate. By unraveling the mystery behind this world’s origins, they will face the decisions to lead it towards an ideal future.

This is the story of humanity’s final choice in order to live together.

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