SteelSeries Introduces New 3D Aim Trainer for Gamers

Steelseries Introduces A New 3D Aim Trainer For Gamers Looking To Increase Their FPS Prowess

SteelSeries is a brand synonymous with raising the bar on high quality gaming products, and today with the 3D Aim Trainer, they’ve shown their dedication to improving gamer’s abilities.

The new 3D Aim Trainer the huge peripheral company is unveiling has helped over 14 million gamers improve their First-Person Shooter abilities, and SteelSeries is committed to assisting even more achieve greatness. What’s more notable, is the program can be run directly from a browser window, with no need for any pesky download (but the option remains for a possible download if someone chooses to).

Steelseries Introduces New 3D Aim Trainer For Gamers

To get started, players merely need to head over to the 3D Aim Trainer website, and click ‘Play Now,’ to start a quick play session. The trainer offers custom tailored objective based options, like the individual gun shooting range from Halo Infinite, but far more intricate. The training software hones in on an individual’s needs, such as a strafing exercise, to focus on a skill the player wants to improve upon. A detailed stat tracker is also available, so gamers can track their progress, which is highly necessary to track improvement.

Steelseries Introduces A New 3D Aim Trainer For Gamers Looking To Increase Their Fps Prowess

The Quick Play option on the 3D Aim Trainer offers a variety of games that players can improve in, such as the huge Epic Games phenomenon Fortnite, or even Overwatch. By utilizing the FPS Aim Trainer Academy, the software can help put a microscope on the exact title a player needs help in. Over the next week, players can also win some SteelSeries swag by just giving the 3D Aim Trainer a test drive, with up to 30 SteelSeries Prime Mouse peripherals being gifted to those giving the software a try.

Gamers can head on over to the 3D Aim Trainer website to start their journey on achieving greatness, and to receive some more detailed information regarding the software. Fans can also shoot over to the SteelSeries website to check out more of the company’s offerings.

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