Strikers Edge is the Newest Fast Paced Dodgeball Game

Strikers Edge is the Newest Fast Paced Dodgeball Game 1

Get ready to go head to head in the newest competitive game to come from Playdius and Fun Punch Games, Strikers Edge. The game combines dodgeball with a medieval theme resulting in an exhilarating experience. This is the first game that Fun Punch Games has developed, while Playdius has published numerous games such as Edge Of Eternity, Dead in Vinland, Post Human War and many others.

Strikers Edge features a roster of eight different characters from different eras and civilizations both fictional and historical. Each character comes with their own set of abilities, play styles and strategies. Players could choose to play as a Spartan who assaults his targets with a spear and shield and his special skill gives him a temporary defence boost. If a player decides they would like to sling spells at their opponents they could do so as a Spell Fencer who attacks with Elemental Shards. Her special ability allows her to regain a small amount of her health if her attack lands. Players who prefer a stealthy ninja class, then there is a character who uses Shuriken and Kunai and a special ability that gives them a temporary attack speed boost. This is only just a taste as to what Strikers Edge has to offer.

Players will be able to enjoy the game online or locally across four different arenas that feature 2v2 gameplay. Players seeking a challenge and who want to climb the Strikers Edge leaderboards can test their skills in 1v1 battles. Players will have to master their accuracy in order to hit their targets in this fast paced dodgebrawl game.  

Strikers Edge was also designed with livestream viewers in mind. The PC version of the game has an exclusive Twitch Mode. In this mode viewers will be able to vote on what kinds of modifiers they want the player to play with. This viewer mode is similar to what can be seen in Rocket League and Smite. These modifiers range from slippery floors to giant weapons with many more modifiers available in-game.

“We are eager to release Strikers Edge to the players that have been following our game from the beginning,” said Filipe Caseirito, Co-founder and Programmer at Fun Punch Games. “In addition to the cross-platform play between PC and PlayStation 4 players, we are excited to implement Twitch Mode for PC players to stream their rise to the top!”

To celebrate the release of the game, Playdius and Fun Punch Games are offering the game on sale for the first week of release. Steam players will be able to purchase the game with a 17% discount while PlayStation 4 users can purchase the game with a 10% discount.

This new indie dodgeball game is available for purchase today on Steam worldwide and PlayStation 4 for North America. Players in Europe can look forward to playing Strikers Edge on the PlayStation 4 when it releases on January 31.  

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