Summer Games Done Quick Raises $3 Million For Charity

| Jul 3, 2019
Summer Games Done Quick Raises $3 Million For Charity

This year’s Summer Games Done Quick has drawn to a close, and successfully raised $3,003,889 for Doctors Without Borders.

This enormous sum of money is the first time a GDQ event has passed 3 million, and sets the record for the highest total ever raised by one of their events. This figure comes from a solid week of almost non-stop speedruns and donations of games ranging from the recent Spyro Reignited remake to the classic RPG Chrono Trigger. The average donation was around $60 (almost the price of a new AAA game in North America), and there were over 50k individual donations across the week.

This outpouring of support is amazing, and we congratulate all the staff, runners, and fans who made this happen. Doctors Without Borders will hopefully make good use of this funding to provide aid to people around the world. The next Games Done Quick event will support Able Gamers charity and will take place in September at TwitchCon. Another GDQ event will happen after that in January 2020, and we can expect assorted streams from official GDQ channels in the meantime.

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