Super Mario 3D World Reveals Bowser’s Fury

Super Mario 3D World Reveals Bowser's Fury

A month before its release, Nintendo has revealed new details on Super Mario 3D World for Switch, including its new mode, Bowser’s Fury.

As a Wii U port, fans may know what to expect from Super Mario 3D World—the first 3D Mario to incorporate simultaneous multiplayer, the origin of the Super Bell and Double Cherry power-ups, and one of the standout platformers from the ill-fated console’s library. However, Bowser’s Fury makes this more than a simple repackaging.

Super Mario 3D World, The First 3D Mario To Offer Simultaneous Multiplayer, Is Headed To The Switch February 12, With Brand New Content.
Super Mario 3D World, the first 3D Mario to offer simultaneous multiplayer, is headed to the Switch February 12, with brand new content. (BusinessWire)

In the trailer released today, Mario is seen navigating a new set of courses in an engine reminiscent of Super Mario Odyssey, with many enemies using cat power-ups as well. Bowser Jr. accompanies Mario at many points, assisting with his magical paintbrush. Ultimately Bowser unleashes a new giga transformation, and Mario responds in kind with a super-sized cat form.

When the Switch port was announced, the content of Bowser’s Fury was uncertain, but it seems Nintendo has done much more than simply append a few levels to the end of Super Mario 3D World‘s existing courses. Nintendo of America’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Nick Chavez called the package “two great Mario adventures.”

Cat Mario and Cat Peach Amiibo will launch alongside the game on February 12, as well as reissues of the Bowser and Bowser Jr. figures. All four collectables will offer “in-game enhancements” and “special activations.”

The Mario Red &Amp; Blue Edition Switch Console Is The First Time The Switch System Itself Has Been Available In A Different Colour.
The Mario Red & Blue Edition Switch console is the first time the Switch system itself has been available in a different colour. (BusinessWire)

Nintendo also announced a new limited edition Switch console to commemorate the plumber’s 35th anniversary, with a red Switch, dock, and Joy-Cons, a blue Joy-Con grip, a matching carrying case, and a screen protector. This marks the first time the Switch console has been available in a new color. The limited edition will be available February 12 as well, for $299.99 USD.

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