Support Frog Fractions 2 on Kickstarter to Buy Back the Oculus Rift

| March 27, 2014
Support Frog Fractions 2 on Kickstarter to Buy Back the Oculus Rift

Developer Twinbeard has updated their Kickstarter page for Frog Fractions 2 to announce stretch goals they have planned for additional funding. Along with live-action cutscenes, a Gravity Gun, and a promised New Game ++ mode, the developer has also promised to buy back the Oculus Rift from Facebook if backers will donate a generous $2 billion.

Stretch Goals

Matching the price the social media giant paid for the Oculus Rift, the stretch goal is obviously more of a timely jab at the news than an actual intention on the part of the developers. However, it joins an increasingly loud discussion about the acquisition that has been raging since the news broke on Tuesday.

Frog Fractions 2‘s Kickstarter is not new to quirky ideas and jabs, however. The successor to the flash game Frog Fractions, Frog Fractions 2 is looking to preserve the same odd and amusing mechanics and ideas so beloved of the original. Project Lead Jim Crawford knows that it’s difficult to make lightning strike twice, however, and being that part of the charm of Frog Fractions was discovering its oddities without any knowledge of them, he’s devised a plan that will try to maintain the same mystique of the first game by releasing the game under a different company name and title to create a scavenger hunt for backers.

“It will not be called Frog Fractions 2. It will probably be called something like Lost Kingdom: Reckoning, by Fork Bomb LLC or Turbo Finance 2015 by Vespenta Holdings. Does that Russian flight sim on Desura look suspicious to you? Better play it just to make sure!”

Once the game’s cover has been blown, Jim promises to email a download code out to those eligible for one through the Kickstarter backer rewards. The game currently has raised $44,064 of its $60,000 goal with 13 days still left in its campaign.

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