Swery65 Retires From Access Games

| November 1, 2016
Swery65 Retires From Access Games 1

Videogame director, designer and writer Hidetaka Suehiro (better known as SWERY or Swery65) has announced his retirement from Osaka based developer, Access Games. SWERY founded Access Games in 2002 and rose to fame in 2010 after releasing Deadly Premonition; a game heavily inspired by Twin Peaks and is the Guinness World Record holder for most critically polarizing survival horror game.

Just last year, SWERY went on hiatus from making games due to developing hypoglycemia; an illness that effects blood sugar levels without having diabetes. “I’m already slow enough at making games as it is, and I feel like all I ever do is make my fans wait… But I’ve decided that I need to take a rest here, so that I can hopefully continue to make games in the future,” he wrote on his Access Games blog.

But the director had assured fans that he would be back. “When I recover from my illness, I’m going to do my best to make games that are better and more awesome than ever before! Please keep cheering Access Games on!”

Unfortunately it appears that this won’t be the case, at least any time soon. SWERY took to Twitter on October 30 to explain the bad news. “Day 360, Unfortunately I retired from Access Games after all. However don’t worry, because my health condition is getting be fine. Love you!” with a picture of Deadly Premonition’s Francis York Morgan saying, “I can’t believe it!”.

But it looks like there is a tiny shred of hope for his fans. SWERY responded to a post a Twitter saying, “I hope I will be back. Because I AM “SWERY65”.

It is unclear at this time what SWERY’s future endeavors will bring but knowing him, he will be back in some form, ready to bring on the weirdness to fans once more.

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