Swords of Legends Online First Major Update—The Forbidden Court—is Live

Swords of Legends Online First Major Update—The Forbidden Court—is Live

Swords of Legends Online reveals everything coming with the Forbidden Court update and new things are in store at the Floral Palace.

The teams at Gameforge and Wangyuan Shengtang & Aurogon are excited about providing the fans of Swords of Legends Online (SOLO) with its first major update with Update 1.1, The Forbidden Court. The update is finally live today! The update brings so much exciting news for all SOLO players as there will be numerous content drops happening throughout November and December.

Current Swords of Legends Online Updates

  • The Floral Palace: It is a brand-new game area that is shrouded in mysterious and was hidden by the gargantuan mountain landscapes and illustrious forests. The new area also brings new quests, creatures and a new world boss. Players can expect some very rewarding drops here too.  
  • Player vs Player (PvP) Modes: The new PvP game mode introduces, Battle of the Sands, where 20 players face each other in two-stage matches. The first stage features a free-for-all brawl where players get points from slaying one another. The second stage is where the players are put into two teams of 10. It is more of a team race. Players must either be the first to obtain three healing runes or have the most healing runes within the 10-minute timer. The fun part is that the runes are constantly shifting locations on the map every minute.
  • Guild vs Guild (GvG) Wars: The Fifty Islands of Chuyun is another brand-new zone where SOLO player alliances can collect all kinds of materials and treasures during the weekdays. These resources will be used for GvG battles on the weekend—the goal being to destroy the stronghold of the opposing guild. Exclusive mounts, titles and accessories are to be rewarded to the victors.
  • All-New Raids: The Sparkwood Gardens and the Forbidden Court take place in the Floral Palace, just as the SOLO developers promised. It will bring more difficult challenges, but higher-level gear rewards.
  • Memory Box: Memory Fragments are expected to be new drops in the new areas that allow players to go to old dungeons and offer new challenges and players will get higher-end rewards.
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The SOLO team did not forget about enriching the side quests too, as more lore and character biographies have been added. Also, the community wanted better adjustments to class balancing, which is exactly what players will get—more details will be updated with the latest patch notes of the game.

Swords of Legends Online is available to buy exclusively on PC through the Gameforge client, Steam and the Epic Games store. The game has three different editions, priced at $39.99 USD, $59.99 USD and $99.99 USD.

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