Swords of Legends Online Comes to the West

| April 7, 2021
Swords of Legends Online Comes to the West 3

Swords of Legends Online is a Massive MMORPG that will be making its debut in the west sometime this year!

Publisher Gameforge has partnered with developers Wangyuan Shengtang & Aurogonto to bring the anticipated game to both North and Latin America and Europe. With its stunning visuals alone, the new-to-us MMORPG will surely draw a larger fan base once it goes live.

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SOLO is “Based on the massively popular Chinese legends that inspired the multi-award-winning television series, several movies, novels, and a series of games including the recent MMORPG Gu Jian Qi Tan Online—which first launched in China in July of 2019—Swords of Legends Online introduces a fully remastered and improved version of the highly anticipated Triple-A saga to a new audience”

Swords of Legends Online explores an eons-long clash between the forces of light and darkness. Only those chosen by the spirit of the legendary sword buried deep within themselves may unlock the powers necessary to banish the fog of evil, death, and destruction that threaten to consume this tempestuous world.” Players may choose from up to six available starter classes — Reaper, Summoner, Bard, Spellsword, Berserker, and Spearmaster — each with their own play style, weapons and starter zones. Eventually players will be able to choose between two specializations per class to become the ultimate vanquisher of darkness. SOLO features extensive endgame content to allow players to fully immerse themselves in the environment through questing, multiplayer dungeons, 20-player raids, and multiple PVP modes.

Swords Of Legends Online, Bard Class
Swords of Legends Online, Bard Class

The games’ publishers were inspired when they originally saw SOLO and wanted to bring that same excitement from China to the west, “When I first encountered Swords of Legends Online, I couldn’t help but fall in love with the dazzling and unique visuals, captivating story, and compelling gameplay,” said Tomislav Perkovic, Chief Product Officer at Gameforge. “I knew that we had to immediately bring this enthralling title to a broader community of players in other regions.” 

Pre-purchase for Swords of Legends Online is available in three editions for 39.99 USD, $59.99 USD, and $99.99 USD. Players who pre-order will receive a special bonus including exclusive cosmetic in-game items, and access to the closed beta trials. Not only that, but they will be able to access character name reservations and character creation before SOLOs official launch. Pre-orders are available today for via the official Gameforge client, Steam, and Epic Games Store.

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