Take Out The Trash In Space In Intergalactic Trashman

| May 7, 2015
Take Out The Trash In Space In Intergalactic Trashman 2

Have you ever wished you could take out the trash in space? But you then soon realize you’re not an astronaut? GloveCat Studio has you covered. They have designed a 2D Platformer and space exploration game that tasks the player with cleansing the galaxy of rubbish, or as much as one man can do.

The Intergalactic Trashman goes by another name, Kepler, and has embarked on an ambitious journey. However, you won’t be alone. A Navi-esque character, Xana, will help you communicate with characters you come across on your journey as well as follow you to give helpful advice on where you should pursue next. Kepler, the Trashman will have to take to the stars and traverse the ground in five different themed sectors.
“Initially, there will be five different themes, (Temple, jungle, factory, castle and dumpsite),” said the studio.


The developers purposely put those in order. With it being about recycling space trash and all, it was likely your last destination would be at a dump.

It’s art style isn’t what you’d expect when you glance at the title but it makes the galaxy pop. I expected something dirtier, grittier and overflowing with filth, but what I saw was rich, vibrant and filled with charm. Intergalactic Trashman allows you to travel the cosmos in a spaceship where you will encounter other unknown spacecraft attempting to fend you off from cleaning their sector of darkness.

You can also take to the ground and blast your way through enemies on foot. The Trashman will have a transferable weapon at his disposal that players can change the rate of fire. You can also melee and quickly switch back on the fly.

At its core, Intergalactic Spaceman is a 2D Platformer, so players will be performing summersaults, wall jumping and taking a leap of faith every once and awhile. At the same time, you can either melee enemies or blast them away with your weapon.

Judging by the trailer, Intergalactic Trashman isn’t your typical jolly adventure game.  Don’t let the adorable cat fool you; GloveCat Studios has given the character a motive beyond having fun on a space adventure. When he finds a friend and mentor, Goyold, unconscious with serious injuries, he takes it upon himself to uncover this conspiracy by traveling to all the factories to continue his investigation.  The Intergalactic Trashman has some depth and the trailer displays the route they intend to go with this game. It’s not entirely dark but it presents an edge to its playful tone.

The end of the trailer causes some suspicion with some character surveying over you from a hidden camera. Then it fades to black with, “My Son…it’s too late.” What do these words mean besides the character obviously warning his son? But from what? This threat against the Trashman is unknown.


The game has reached 133 backers during its tenure on Kickstarter. The developer has pledged $6,339 in total with a goal to reach 35,000 dollars. With 18 days to go, Kepler needs you to assist him on this mission of ridding the galaxy of trash.  The game will be made available on Windows, Linux and OSX and has a estimated date of arrival of Mar. 2016.

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