The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Review Roundup – A Masterpiece

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The day has finally arrived. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom reviews are up, and it received critical acclaim right out of the gate the day before launch.

I’m sure there are some Legend of Zelda fanatics that have been waiting for Tears of the Kingdom since 2017 — this is the year Breath of the Wild was released — and now we are exactly one day away from launch. TotK went through some hiccups up to release with leaks, emulation problems, Nintendo suspending popular personalities off of Twitch, and YouTube DMCA notices, but we are finally here.

So, is The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom any good? According to Metacritic’s 78 reviews, as of this post, it garnered 96%, which is masterpiece territory. Here’s what some have had to say.

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CGMagazine’s in-house review of Tears of the Kingdom by Preston Dozsa said, “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is easily the greatest open world game ever made, and may well be Nintendo’s finest achievement” in a review that garnered a perfect 10/10. Interestingly enough, the 10/10 isn’t a hot take, with MANY other outlets following suit.

Hey! There’s us!

The review acclaim has even gone overseas, with the Italian site TheGamesMachine also delivering high praise on Nintendo’s latest adventure, saying, “I am very happy for the other software houses, who will now be able to spend a carefree summer, saving themselves endless work sessions in an attempt to create a contender for the game title of the year: right now, the current generation of game designers lacks, unfortunately, that spark with which to create a product capable of approaching the genius of Tears of the Kingdom” in a translated segment from Google. Many reviews share the same sentiment that the GOTY title has already been claimed, or it’s Zelda’s to lose.

Interestingly, there’s an outlier with Gfinity’s review on Tears of the Kingdom. It reads, “After the disappointing narrative of the previous game, I’m not convinced the grind is worth the time investment. It’s a fantastic playground and an even more bewildering testament to the latest power of the Nintendo Switch hardware. But I can’t help but feel that the wait wasn’t worth it this time around” regarding the new title’s reliance on being a sequel, and basically erasing the need to ever even touch its predecessor. Gfinity gave The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom the lowest critical score (at the moment) of 6/10.

While Tears of the Kingdom still has one day left until release, it is already listed as the best-reviewed game OF ALL TIME over on OpenCritic, with a 100% recommendation score and a 97% overall. Thankfully, fans have literally one day left before they can start their own adventure in Hyrule, so the wait is truly almost over.

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