Tetris The Movie Receives $80 Million In Funding

| May 17, 2016
Tetris The Movie Receives $80 million in funding

One of the most classic videogames, Tetris, is set to have it’s own film and start production in 2017 after securing $80 million in funding from U.S. and China. The co-production on the most relentless building block puzzle game ever is the first entry in an expected trilogy of films.

Tetris The Movie Receives $80 Million In Funding 2

Tetris The Movie is described as a “very big, epic sci-fi movie,” by Larry Kasanoff, producer of the Mortal Kombat live-action films and CEO of films studio, Threshold Entertainment. Kasanoff’s studio will be partnering with Brian Wu’s studio, Seven Star Works, to develop the film. The two men have been working on the project for over a year with the help of the Tetris Company.

Tetris The Movie will be filmed in China and other locations when production begins and will feature a Chinese cast. Kasanoff is currently in talks with sales agents to bring the film to international markets. There is currently no release window for Tetris The Movie, which is the next entry in a growing number of videogame adapted films.

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