The Cuphead Show Receives Exciting Trailer Ahead Of Release

The Cuphead Show Receives Exciting Trailer Ahead Of Release 2

The Cuphead Show is a Netflix Original based on the game Cuphead: Don’t Deal With The Devil by Studio MDHR, and the boys are definitely back in town.

A return to Inkwell Isles is in store for fans of Cuphead this Winter, as Netflix has officially released a trailer that shows the ‘heroes’ in all of their true-to-form animated glory after the series was announced back in 2019.

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The trailer shows the art style stays faithful to the source and showcases voices for Cuphead and Mugman that sound like they were pulled directly from the time period in which the art is inspired from, early Disney and Fleischer Studios cartoons. Tru Valentino plays the titular Cuphead, while Frank Todaro is Mugman, and their voice work is highly original and fitting for their characters.

The upbeat style of the drawing directly conflicts with the darker nature of the series, which shows the two cups in peril as they run from the Devil (played by Luke Millington-Drake)in The Cuphead Show. The most recently announced and last bit of the well-received game‘s DLC was titled ‘The Delicious Last Course,’ which allows the player to assume the role of Ms. Chalice, a character who previously had a smaller role in the story. In the trailer she is featured and fully voiced by Grey Griffin, Netflix leaves no cup behind.

There are select boss fights from the source material that have made their way into the trailer as well, such as Ribby and Croaks, and King Dice (played by Wayne Brady). The 10 episode series brushes up on Inkwell Isles residents as even Grim Matchstick makes the cut into the trailer.

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The voice acting shown in the trailer does The Cuphead Show justice, and even Cuphead’s slight gangster twang ‘advenchah’ is loaded with character. Fans of the game will be thoroughly pleased to see Cuphead’s soul being returned to his body, and the return of Porkrind, who doesn’t seem pleased with the dynamic duo at all.

The series premieres on February 18th on Netflix.

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