The Last of Us Part 2 Coming with Limited PS4 Pro Release

The Last of Us Part 2 Coming with Limited PS4 Pro Release

Naughty Dog’s anticipated sequel The Last of Us Part 2 is being released with a special PS4 Pro decorated with engravings inspired by Ellie’s tattoo and the Fireflies group.

In the latest PlayStation Blog post by Global Marketing VP Mary Yee, the console’s three-decker body is covered with a matte finish while its face is etched with Ellie’s ivory-based tattoo design. A branch stands across the system with shiny detailed leaves. A firefly, symbol of the opposing group of survivors from The Last of Us, make their presence known again in front of Ellie’s design.

The Last Of Us Part 2 Coming With Limited Ps4 Pro Release 1
Image Provided by PlayStation

The game’s bold logo is scrawled across the updated DualShock 4’s trackpad while a miniature version of Ellie’s design is drawn over the right controller grip. Its face buttons are also in black-in-white and forego the traditional pink, red, green and blue designs.

“When we first revealed The Last of Us Part 2, we had no idea how quickly fans would embrace Ellie’s tattoo,” stated Naughty Dog Art Director John Sweeney.

“Within a day, we started seeing real-life versions showing up on social media and fans have been sharing photos of their new tattoos with us week after week ever since,” he added. This created an opportunity to bring the popular tattoo onto a new PS4 Pro and Dualshock 4 to coincide with The Last of Us 2‘s release, letting players use them in a continuing journey across a cordyceps-ridden America.

The Last Of Us Part 2 Coming With Limited Ps4 Pro Release
Image Provided by PlayStation

The console’s release with The Last of Us Part 2 is also accompanied with PlayStation’s own Limited Edition Gold Wireless Headset, which also features the tattoo across its head cushion while the game’s logo is decorated on the side. A licensed 2TB Game Drive is also coming from Seagate to give PS4 players a space upgrade under a similar design.

The Last of Us Part 2 comes out exclusively for the PlayStation 4 on June 19, 2020 on physical and digital editions. Its limited edition console comes with the PS4 Pro, DualShock 4 and physical copy of the game for $499.99 CAD MSRP. Its special DualShock 4 controller can also be purchased separately for $74.99 CAD while the Game Drive and Wireless Headset come at $114.99 and $119.99 CAD, respectively. Pre-orders for the game, system and accessories can be pre-ordered through online retailers.

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