The Exciting Minecraft Mob Vote of 2022 Has Finally Arrived

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The annual Minecraft mob vote has returned to the gaming community as fans prepare to cast their votes.

The Minecraft mob vote begins on Friday, October 14, at 9 a.m. PT / 12 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. BST and ends the following day, Saturday, October 15, at the same time. You will have a full 24 hours to vote before Mojang declares the victor.

For people who don’t know, Mob votes are events where the community chooses a “mob” (a character). The winning mob is then integrated into the game and can be interacted with by players. The Minecraft community contributes to the game’s development by choosing a new mob each year. Notable additions from past mob votes include the glow squid, the allay, and the phantom that have been added to Minecraft as a result of past voting.

The winner will then be announced during Minecraft Live, a virtual event jam-packed with information about the game and all your favourite content creators. Minecraft Live will begin streaming at 9:00 a.m. PT on Oct. 15 on the Minecraft YouTube channel and on Minecraft Live.

The vote for 2022 includes three new mobs the Rascal, Tuff Golem, and Sniffer. Mojang has gracefully given each character a brief description to help players decide.


The Exciting Minecraft Mob Vote Of 2022 Has Finally Arrived

Rascal appears to be a bit mischievous, always lurking in underground mines and playing hide and seek, giving little hints to help search for them. If you manage to spot this little guy three times, it will give you a prize. We recommend keeping your eye open for it.

Tuff Golem

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Players can construct tough golems like snow golems or iron golems. They can hold stuff for you, similar to an item stand, but will wake up and walk around your base with what they’re carrying or pick up lost objects off the ground if they wake up empty-handed. You can even modify the colour of the cloak it wears by using different colours of wool block when making it.


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If you can locate this extinct creature’s egg, you can bring back the sniffer, a creature that was once an integral element of the Overworld’s ecosystem. Find a way to reestablish the sniffer’s prosperity by hatching fresh groups, breeding them, and so forth. There are seeds out there that can only be discovered by the sniffer, so it’s a must-have for rare goods.

There are now up to three different ways to vote for a mod via your Minecraft launcher, on the website, or in a unique “carnival-themed” map in the Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Thankfully making it even more accessible than last year. Additionally, This year, there will be no voting on Twitter, which means that you can change your mind about your vote up until the deadline and that, in contrast to public polls on Twitter, the results will remain a secret until they are made public.

It’s always nice to see a company exert this much effort to integrate their game with their audience further and establish a personal connection with them through these exciting events. We advise considering your options and casting your vote; hopefully, you’ll soon be able to see it in the game.

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