The Most Disturbing Game of the Year Isn’t Available Anymore

The Most Disturbing Game of the Year Isn’t Available Anymore

Internet 101: The Deep Web, AKA the Dark Net is to be avoided. It’s said to be much, much larger than what is easily accessed through computers (it can only be accessed through special services like Tor). People are told to avoid it at all costs because of what it contains. Cannibals, hit men, drugs, and guns are among the more well-known services and items available. One thing that hasn’t been found on the Deep Web: video games.

At least, until now.

Earlier this week, Kotaku reported on the game Sad Satan. The origins of it are unclear, but what is known is that Youtuber Jamie of Obscure Horror Corner was given a link to download the game from a subscriber. Jamie said he did a malware check on it, but found it was okay, so he started up the game and recorded his gameplay. The subscriber said he found it on a forum on the Dark Net posted by someone who went by the initials ZK.

Kotaku found the subscriber and was able to interview them in an article on how they found the game. The reason he shared it with Jamie was because it didn’t work on his own computer, so he sent it to Jamie to see what it was about.

For the most part, the game is set in a series of hallways, and the only real audio starts out as footsteps from the player’s character. Occasionally there will be flashes of black and white photography, like of Jimmy Savile with Margaret Thatcher, and Franz Joseph, the nineth Prince of Thurn at Konopiště in the Czech Republic. Later on, the audio turns into slowed-down speech, including that of Charles Manson’s interview.

There is also footage of child-like beings in the hallways with you in these creepy black and white halls. Every so often, a white screen will flash with little black wingdings. They’ve been translated into threatening messages like “I can track you” and “U are on my list”.
Jamie said he deleted the game off his computer after a while, not because it was too creepy, but because it kept spawning a notepad file on his desktop whenever he opened the game. The file was said to contain gibberish made of letters and numbers (although, he did notice 666 appear often). Jamie never took any screenshots of it though, so there’s no way to try to decipher it.

There is now a Reddit thread where a user is trying to decipher the meaning of the game and label all visual and audio elements of it. So far, there is a huge list of sources. The theory is that the game is about child abuse, seeing as how many of the people in the game have been accused of or are guilty of child abuse.

The game is no longer available for download. It was taken down after Jamie got a hold of it, so there’s no way to tell for sure if it’s real, who the source is, or what the gibberish means.

Personally, even if the game was still available, I wouldn’t download it. I’m still nervous about watching the video myself. Sad Satan is probably going to be one of those internet mysteries that people will be curious about for months, or will be labeled as a well done Creepypasta.

Would you risk it to play the game if it was available? Why or Why not? Comment below and tell us why.

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