The Sinking City Receives Its First Nintendo Switch Footage

The Sinking City Receives Its First Nintendo Switch Footage

After the reveal of The Sinking City coming to the Nintendo Switch at E3, Frogwares has released the first footage of it running on the console.

The intent of this port is to give players a fully-optimized experience, so not only has work been done to make The Sinking City run at a constant 30 FPS, but other improvements have been made to it based on feedback from the initial release. The team has also taken extra care to make the game available in multiple languages with full voiceover and text in English, French, German, and Russian. Text support is available in Spanish, Italian, Czech, Polish, Ukrainian, Turkish, Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Brazilian Portuguese.

YouTube video

As game producer Serge Chervonnyi puts it: “We did our best to optimize the game and ensure it runs at a stable 30 frames throughout. We also improved combat a bit to have more weight and feel. Weapons now have new gunshot sounds, improved recoil and new visual effects. We also did our best to improve the game from people’s feedback. So things like crowd behaviour and pedestrian AI has been tweaked along with all-around additional levels of polishing and bug fixing.”

The Sinking City is a story-rich investigative game set in a twisted Lovecraft-inspired universe. Set in Oakmont, Massachusetts, you’re tasked with navigating a place suffering decay and rot from unprecedented supernatural floods that slowly envelope the city and the minds of its inhabitants.

The official release date for The Sinking City on Switch will be announced next week, but Frogwares has made a promise to fans that the date is sooner rather than later. The game was initially released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows on June 27th. We’ll update you when more news drops.

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