TotalBiscuit Diagnosed With Inoperable Cancer

| October 15, 2015
TotalBiscuit Diagnosed With Inoperable Cancer - 2015-10-15 13:53:00

In a recent tweet by the Youtube game critic, Totalbiscuit has announced he has been diagnosed with liver cancer.

John Bain, otherwise known as Totalbiscuit on YouTube and Twitter, posted on Twitter using the Twitter add-on “TwitLonger” to let his fans and followers know saying “Well, I don’t know if there is really a right way to tell people this, so I guess here goes. The CT did not come back negative. The cancer in the bowel is gone, but spots have appeared in my liver. They’re not operable and there’s no cure. Average life expectancy is 2-3 years, though there are outliers that live much longer.”

Bain released a vlog in April last year announcing to his fans that he had been diagnosed with bowel cancer. A month later he tweeted that it was “full blown cancer” and began receiving chemo therapy, radiation treatments. That October he underwent an operation to remove the growth, which his wife reported the doctor’s assessment of it a success.  

Totalbiscuit is best known for his “WTF is” series on Youtube in which he does “first look” style videos reviewing both indie and AAA games. He is also one of the first Youtubers, along with Jim Sterling, to begin exposing shady indie developers after a copyright claim was issued against him by Wild Game Studios for his review of “Day One: Gary’s Incident”

There’s no easy way to ever report something like this. Totalbiscuit helped start and refine the genre of Youtube game reviews. We here at CGmagazine send our condolences to him and his family and hope for his recovery, or at the very least, the closest he can get to beating this as possible.

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