Touhou 15.5 ~ Antinomy of Common Flowers Announced

| December 12, 2016
Touhou 15.5 ~ Antinomy of Common Flowers Announced 1

A new installment is on its way for the highly popular Japanese indie series Touhou. Touhou 15.5 ~ Antinomy of Common Flowers has been announced in Japanese on doujin developer Twilight Frontier’s website, and once again, the developer is collaborating with series creator ZUN’s studio Team Shanghai Alice.

The game’s entry on the Touhou Wiki provides a translation of Twilight Frontier’s original post. Series protagonist Reimu returns, with the game revolving around a “strange phenomenon called ‘Perfect Possession'” in which “one is taken over by a completely different person, not only in mind, but also in body.” Curious as ever, Reimu proceeds to investigate.

Not much else is known about the game as of yet, although with Twilight Frontier collaborating with Team Shanghai Alice, it’s almost certain to say that the game will be another competitive fighting game. After the original collaboration with Team Shanghai Alice for Touhou 7.5 ~ Immaterial and Missing Power in 2004, Team Shanghai Alice and Twilight Frontier have repeatedly worked together to collaborate on fighting games tied into the main series. Most of these games also come with the “.5” numbering system, noting that the games fall in between the main bullet hell shoot ’em up installments within the series. While no official word has been revealed yet on the game’s gameplay and character roster, it seems likely that a new fighting game will be in series fans’ hands soon enough.

The last title released by Team Shanghai Alice and Twilight Frontier was Touhou 14.5 ~ Urban Legend in Limbo. Released as a competitive fighting game as well, Urban Legend in Limbo was the first official Touhou release to hit consoles. The PlayStation 4 version came out on Dec. 8, 2016, with the original PC version launching in May 2015. No official world has been announced regarding an English release of the PlayStation 4 version of the doujin fighter for North American fans, nor has there been any official world of a PS4 version for Touhou 15.5. But it seems likely that Antinomy of Common Flowers will receive a console version if fans request it. Check back for more Touhou announcements in 2017.

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