Tribes:Ascend Getting Rid Of Microtransactions

| December 10, 2015
Tribes:Ascend Getting Rid Of Microtransactions - 2015-12-10 08:38:59

Tribes:Ascend was an exciting game when it first launched. It revived a classic franchise and ensured anyone that wanted to play could. With a free-to-play business model, it allowed anyone with a computer to be able to download the game and enjoy the experience, and if you wanted to spend some money Hi-Rez Studios allowed it.

It seems that will be changing in the latest update. Patch 1.1: Out of the Blue will be launching today, December 10th and it will be bringing some major changes to the game. Combined with a series of changes to the game, it is also getting rid of the credits and microtransactions within the game. For anyone that has not jumped into Tribes in a while, this will make the experience fresh and new. A fully balanced playing field, where anyone can experience one of the best free shooters available today.

Along with the removal of microtransactions they will also be adding a fair number of changes to the core game.  These changes include, Ui Updates, Balance Updates, new maps and exploit and bug fixes. From everything they are updating, it really has never been a better time to check out Tribes:Ascend. There has been no word on the new business model for the game, but I am sure more will be revealed once the patch goes live. The patch goes live at 10:00AM ET December 10th and there will be around a 6 Hour downtime, but once that is done, get ready to strap in and enjoy some fast paced first person shooter action.

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