Troy Baker Quits Twitter

| July 23, 2015
Troy Baker Quits Twitter

Twitter has constantly been one of the most entertaining things about living in 2015. People no longer settle things in person, it’s on the web. Not only that, but you can see situations snowball out of control really fast. That is exactly what happened to known gaming voice actor Troy Baker, who announced he is quitting twitter.

It all started with an insult to Brett Michaels that has since been deleted saying “Brett Michaels looks like Mickey Rourke tried to become Caitlyn Jenner.”

After that, the voice of The Last of Us’ Joel, and Infamous Second Son’s Delson Rowe responded by tweeting, “It’s a shame when there are people who would much rather choose to be offended than laugh.”

Then, there was this.

So, if you wanted your fill of Twitter drama, there you have it. Baker is a talented voice actor, but after the backlash he received it wouldn’t be the worst thing if he laid low for a while.

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