Troy Baker Partners With Voiceverse On Big New Voice NFT Type ‘For The Creator’

| January 14, 2022
Troy Baker Partners With Voiceverse On Big New Voice NFT Type 'For The Creator'

NFT’s have taken the world by storm over the past year, and now prolific voice actor Troy Baker announced a partnership with Voiceverse for the first-ever Voice NFT.

Troy Baker’s storied voice acting career spans the past two decades with classic acting roles such as Yuri Lowell from Tales of Vesperia, Joel Miller from The Last of Us and the sequel, and notably main villain Pagan Min from Far Cry 4. With such an easy-to-recognize voice talent, comes another venture into where his voice can be utilized for fans, the first voice NFT’s by Voiceverse.

Far Cry 4 Pagan Min Trailer - Youtube
Not an NFT

The Voiceverse company helps create and design text-to-speech voices in a way that utilizes the voice actor but doesn’t require the voice actor. Basically, voice acting but without the acting part. Troy Baker announced this partnership on Twitter.

In a world still ravaged by the pandemic, this essential replacing of voice actors is definitely not going to go over well with everyone… or anyone for that matter, as the replies to the announcement suggest. The intention of the project is supposed to empower creators while utilizing the actor’s iconic voice, but as the community outlines, the idea can be more negative than positive.

Popular Twitch streamer, Cohh Carnage replied directly to the announcement detailing how Troy Baker should handle the situation moving forward:

“Step 1 – Read over all replies and quote tweets. Step 2 – Realize this is not the time for NFTs in the gaming space. Step 3 – Review any contracts you’ve signed to see how to get out of them. Step 4 – Withdraw from said contracts. Step 5 – Apology post stating said withdraw,” detailing his opinion on how the gaming space views NFT’s moving forward, in direct correlation to the “you can hate” portion of his announcement.

As NFT’s continue to infest the gaming landscape to mostly negative responses, notably Ubisoft and Konami recently leading the charge, the story of the VoiceverseNFT surely isn’t over until the lady sings, or unless you have a voice-over AI NFT sing for her.

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