Twitch Adds Copyright-Free Soundtrack for Streamers

Twitch Stops Muting, Starts Providing

Twitch Adds Copyright-Free Soundtrack for Streamers 1

Twitch streamers now have an option to try some copyright-free tunes on their channels without being muted by the platform.

The platform announced their new Soundtrack app which looks to give creators an official source for music to play in the background while pointing new streamers towards the copyright-free scene. The tracks are also fair game; curated from musicians encouraging streamers to use their tracks without a strike. For fresh and existing Twitch streamers, it also removes a big pet peeve in knowing if their tracks would be muted from other viewers later on for copyright protection purposes.

But Twitch is also attempting to mitigate the complaints following years of muting. Its latest blog post states Sountrack would take away the “frustrating” process of finding music and instead launched an app which connects directly to Twitch. It also features a familiar music streaming layout, letting creators sit back and vibe out with a variety of Dance, Lofi Hip Hop, Electronic and Rap stations. They can also loop songs to continuously play over their streams and switch tracks on-the-go with controls. Interestingly, users can also piece their own playlist together to keep the music bed fresh as they’re live or just chatting with audiences.

Twitch Adds Copyright-Free Soundtrack For Streamers

“We know how important music is to your creative process, and have heard how frustrating it is to understand and navigate the complex and evolving music ecosystem,” Twitch wrote. “Soundtrack gives you a curated collection of rights-cleared music and integrates with your streaming software to separate your audio sources, allowing you to keep your channel safe while you create compelling content and grow as a creator.”

The “worry-free” experience would only expand as music creators continue feeding Twitch Soundtrack. The platform also stated they’ve partnered with different label and distribution partners including Westwood Recordings, Soundcloud, United Masters, Symphonic and SonoSuite to bring the beat.

Twitch’s knack for dismissing music has plagued streamers and other content creators for years. The DMCA notices have also been a prompt for different producers including fellow streamer T-Pain to create his own free-to-use beats for others on their streams as a solution.

There’s actually no catch to use Twitch Soundtrack once it’s officially released. But since the software is currently open to creators in Beta form, creators would simply need to join their waitlist and select their OBS of choice.

Clement Goh
Clement Goh

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