Twitter Highlights Manifesting One’s Dreams In Latest Campaign

Twitter Highlights Manifesting One's Dreams In Latest Campaign 4

Twitter is highlighting aspirational tweets in the latest campaign that brings inspirational tweets to Young and Dundas Square along with other venues in Canada.

Twitter as a platform is used for many things, complaining about the latest episode of a series, finding the latest news stories, and sending your dreams and aspirations into the world. It is this that Twitter Canada is looking to highlight in their latest endeavour. In a 24-hour takeover, the screens at Young and Dundas will feature some people that have seen their dreams realized, giving a sense of aspiration for people that may have similar visions.

“So what we’ve been seeing is that overall, there’s been a huge growth in tweets about manifestation. So, not even just only on Twitter, but just this conversation and culture in general around this idea of manifestation.” Explained Jennifer Bairos Hofer, Head of Marketing for Twitter Canada “we’ve decided to launch this consumer campaign, ticking it off at the beginning of 2022 as a way to demonstrate the power of manifestations and demonstrating how these conversations have come to life, on Twitter and in really memorable ways.”

The campaign that started at midnight on July 18th, has run all the way up until tonight, showcasing some tweets from celebrities that have had their hopes realized. Some people selected include Simu Liu of Shang Chi fame, Megan Thee Stallion, Steve Saylor, Issa Rae, Niall Horan, Demi Lovato, and Patrick Mahomes, among others.

“So that’s a 24-hour takeover at Yonge and Dundas Square, which launched at midnight today. We’ll be cycling through a lot of these manifestation tweets from seven different personalities” outlined Hofer. “I think the other thing is, we are as part of this campaign, Twitter’s donating a million dollars to different charitable organizations, on behalf of these celebrities to help these organizations also manifest dreams in local communities.”

If you are around Toronto, and want to check out the showcase, it will be live until midnight on January 18th.

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