Latest Twitter Poll Says Elon Musk Should Step Down As Head

Latest Twitter Poll Says Elon Musk Should Step Down As Head 1

The Twitter owner and CEO Elon Musk recently put up a Twitter poll asking whether he should step down as the head, and the majority said yes.

On Sunday afternoon, Twitter CEO and tech entrepreneur Elon Musk ran a poll on the social media platform. He asked users to respond to the question: “Should I step down as head of Twitter? I will abide by the results of this poll.” The results were revealed after about 12 hours of the poll being active, which yielded some interesting percentages of those who said yes and no.

Assuming that this was a non-rigged poll, the poll noted that over 17 million votes were cast from the social media platform’s users, with 57.5% of voters saying that Musk should step down. 42.5% voted for him to stay on as the head of the social media platform.

While the poll post clearly stated, “I will abide by the results of this poll,” Musk has not commented since closing the poll at 6:20 PM EST. Musk was seen attending the FIFA World Cup Final in Qatar on Sunday and could be on his way home to the U.S. by this morning.

Latest Twitter Poll Says Elon Musk Should Step Down As Head 2

The CEO was no stranger to sharing some controversial posts and making even more debated decisions through Twitter polls. One of the most recent ones was a poll on whether to reinstate journalists that he had suspended from Twitter in a failed attempt to curb the sharing of another person’s current location without their consent.

Most of the journalists’ accounts were then unbanned after much criticism in the media. Then, Sunday, he asked users if should retain his position as CEO following his acknowledgement of the mistake of launching new speech restrictions that banned mentions of rival social media websites on his social media platform.

The major policy change announced that users would not be able to link to Facebook, Instagram, Mastodon and other platforms the company described as “prohibited.” Mass blowback came from all fronts, even those who supported Musk initially.

Latest Twitter Poll Says Elon Musk Should Step Down As Head 3

Hilariously, the rising social media platform, Hive Social put out a tweet that their users would be able to post social media links and LinkTree to their Hive accounts. The tweet also included a link to their guidelines and private policy outline.

Many Twitter users brought up how Musk promised not to make any more major policy changes without an online survey of users. Amid the banning of other social media platforms, the venture capitalist and ex-Musk supporter Paul Graham told his 1.5 million Twitter followers that this was the “last straw” and to go find him on Mastodon.

While much Twitter chatter happened on Sunday, Musk shared his feelings on a potential new CEO running a company like Twitter. He said how that person “must like pain a lot” to run a company that “has been in the fast lane to bankruptcy.” He continued, “No one wants the job who can actually keep Twitter alive. There is no successor.”

As Musk will be returning to his home by today, there may be an update closely pending on whether this poll’s results will be respected. This may be the boldest move from Musk, if he does follow through on respecting the poll’s results.

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