The Hive Social Shuts Down For ‘A Couple Of Days’ For User Safety

The Hive Social Shuts Down For 'A Couple Of Days' For User Safety

The Hive Social has exploded in popularity since its launch back in October 2019, and today they’ve closed servers for an undetermined time frame.

New social media kid on the block, The Hive Social, brands itself as a Franeknstein’s Monster of social media, with functionality that correlates to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The meteoric rise in popularity could possibly be due to the Elon Musk Twitter takeover, as both The Hive’s rise in popularity and the takeover seem like mutually exclusive events on a timeline. But today, The Hive Social ironically posted to Twitter that the service will be down for “a couple of days” to fix security issues. The Tweet can be seen below.

While other social media companies have experienced compromises—such as Ashley Madison in 2015, Facebook in 2019, Twitch in 2021, LinkedIn in 2021, and Twitter literally a few days ago—and have met these compromises with delayed transparency at best, The Hive Social has decided to immediately disclose to its users the nature of their issues as up front as possible.

In the replies section in the above Tweet, The Hive account responds to individual concerns such as user @CDarkseason saying “I call data breach. Change your passwords if you are using same passwords. But great they being transparent,” to an almost immediate response from The Hive Social of “Nope, no accounts compromised. Shutting down the server is a preventative measure while we work.”

There’s no telling when The Hive will come back up, as a window of “a couple of days” is a little vague, but as far as transparency goes regarding user safety, this method of disclosing the issue as soon as possible to its user base might be the right move going forward. Fans looking into joining The Hive can follow them on Twitter for updates, visit their website, or download the App on iOS as an Android based app is still in development.

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