Ubisoft and ESL Announce For Honor Hero Series Tournament

Ubisoft and ESL Announce For Honor Hero Series Tournament 2

Ubisoft and ESL, the World’s largest eSports network have announced the first ever For Honor Series in a new tournament with $10,000 in cash prizes.

Ubisoft has announced the For Honor Hero Series tournament program. The series will be organised in partnership with ESL, taking place this Summer, starting July 8 across all platforms in both the United States and Europe. After the following weekly competitions, the top 16 players will then participate in a live event that will take place on August 12, in Burbank. Players will compete for a cash price of $10,000.

The goal of the first For Honor Hero series is to take the core competitive nature of the intense game and bring it to a whole new level. Registered players, starting July 8 will begin to earn points, based on their ranking following each tournament.

The Top players of each respected platform will then be selected to participate in battle at a live Finals event in Burbank, California.

“At ESL we are committed to growing the eSports landscape and For Honor’s competitive ecosystem has been something we’ve all been looking forward to,” said Sean Charles, VP of Publisher and Developer Relations, ESL. “With the For Honor Hero Series and the addition of ranked mode, there is a lot in store for future For Honor players.”

Additionally to the already announced tournament, the For Honor Hero Series will also be hosting a caster competition, to find members that are familiar with the ins and outs of the title so they can participate as desk analysts in Burbank. Those who are interested in auditioning can submit a casting clip on the official For Honor Hero Series Page.

The games competitive play will continue following the Hero Series, hen ranked mode releases in a future update. Ranked mode will offer up players on-demand tournaments in addition to an expanded Brawl mode and 4V4 game modes.

Those who want an early look at the update can look forward to an upcoming Public test that aims to improve the game based on community feedback.  The finals will be broadcasted on the For Honor Twitch channel in addition to Ubisoft’s own YouTube channel.

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