Ubisoft Reveals Hyper Scape, a Streamer-Driven Battle Royale

Ubisoft Reveals Hyper Scape, a Streamer-Driven Battle Royale

Ubisoft’s next online shooter, Hyper Scape, was confirmed with a teaser following a variety of leaks that circulated earlier this week.

According to game industry analyst Rod Breslau on Twitter, Hyper Scape is a futuristic FPS battle royale which takes notes from Fortnite, Valorant and Apex Legends. But apart from its drop-down-and-survive carnage, players with connected Twitch accounts can get help from their audiences.

This is done though a direct integration with the chat and loot. Viewers can collectively give streamers health packs and additional boosts while a revenue system is in place. Streamers can collect some of the profit when a viewer buys a Twitch Bit.

Ubisoft Reveals Hyper Scape, A Streamer-Driven Battle Royale
Hyper Scape (Alleged Screenshot) – Ubisoft

Hyper Scape‘s teaser site is built off its in-game company Prisma Dimensions, who would be managing a large map and weapons given to players. It’s also established in a universe that researches inter-dimensional travel for colonization, while its hyper-connections keep futuristic cities in touch. This is also where players would be running around once they touch down and

Ubisoft Reveals Hyper Scape, A Streamer-Driven Battle Royale
Hyper Scape (Teaser Image) – Ubisoft

Its site drops more hints into the hyper-connection technology, which also connects with “direct neural stimulation.” This suggests that players could also be their HUDs, combat abilities and level progressions with human augmentation. Players could also be labelled as test subjects who would be trying out the latest Prisma products in battle before they’re marketed to the public.

“It has been my delight and pleasure to see the spark of greatness in Mathieu Eiffel’s legendary work, and to shepherd it from its nascent beginnings to the global hyper-network Prisma Dimensions is today,” wrote fictional Prisma CEO Dr. Ivy Tan.

“How far we’ve come from Eiffel’s early work on direct neural stimulation, to being the world’s leading multinational technology, media, and service company. We could only have achieved this with our worldwide workforce of specialized and passionate individuals,” she said.

Hyper Scape is set for a reveal by Ubisoft on July 2, 2020.

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