Vampire Survivors Dev Says Mobile Port Was Released to Combat Clones

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Vampire Survivors is easily the biggest breakout hit of 2022, but apparently, the game’s surprise mobile port was rushed to development because of that very success, and the alarming amount of clones that popped up.

In an update on the game’s Steam store page, Poncle developer Luca Galante provided new details on the game’s mobile version, and why it didn’t happen sooner.

Apparently, Poncle spent months looking for a partner to work on a mobile version, but couldn’t find anyone that fit the team’s vision for one specific reason, monetization.

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“Soon after the initial success of VS, I started to look for a business partner to work on a mobile version of the game. Unfortunately, nobody I spoke with was on board with the monetization I had in mind for the platform: non-predatory,” writes Galante.

While the studio continued to look for partners, an alarming number of clones started to appear, especially on mobile.

“Months passed by and a large number of actual clones – not ‘games like Vampire Survivors‘, but actual 1:1 copies with stolen code, assets, data, progression – started to appear everywhere,” says Galante

“This forced our hand to release the mobile game ASAP, and put a lot of stress on the dev team that wasn’t even supposed to worry about mobile in the first place.”

Galante apologizes that, because of all this, the state of the mobile version isn’t on par with PC, with some problematic bugs and work still to be done on Cloud Saves and Save Transfer. While Galante thinks the monetization for Vampire Survivors is going well, apparently the team isn’t sure how to distribute the recently-released Moonspell DLC on mobile devices.

“How do we make it fair, but also accessible to players who are only into free games? We’ll figure something out and publish the DLC asap!” says Galante.

At the end of the post, Galante adds that there will be more content packs coming to Vampire Survivors, and adds that DLC will only ever add “more characters/weapons/stages,” while the main game will continue to be updated with new mechanics and content.

Vampire Survivors is currently available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and mobile devices.

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