Veteran Street Fighter III Player Going Through Depression

Veteran Street Fighter III Player Going Through Depression

‘Veteran Japanese Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike player, Kuroda appears to be going through a severe case of depression.

Known to many within the fighting game community as a legendary player, many of his fans were shocked after Kuroda sent out a small series of tweets about his recent feelings. A Reddit user managed to roughly translate Kuroda’s tweets, revealing his suicidal thoughts and negative feelings towards his appearance and personality. Kuroda also spoke out about his regrets in life, feeling that he spent too much of his life playing video games instead of socializing and leading a more normal life. Kuroda says he would like to communicate better as a person.

In a Japanese column posted recently about Kuroda, he speaks about his childhood. Kuroda’s Father wasn’t around and mother suffered from drinking and gambling addictions. He stated that he would often see debt collectors in his home while his mother forced him to run away. Until Kuroda reached a certain age, his mother used to stay beside the bed as he with a knife in hand, suggesting that the mother and son die together. By the time Kuroda was old enough to work, his mother began stealing money from him. It is believed that Kuroda’s current main source of income is his mother’s Pension money.

Kuroda is considered by many to be one of the best Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike players of all time. At Tougeki, Japan’s annual fighting tournament, Kuroda Ranked high in multiple brackets in-between the years of 2005 to 2012. Kuroda’s presence has diminished in recent years, only playing Street Fighter IV for a short time before nearly disappearing entirely.

Despite Kuroda’s near disappearance, Kuroda still has a dedicated fanbase, offering him their full support during this difficult time, wishing him a complete recovery whethere he ends up giving up gaming, or not.

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