War Remains VR Experience Takes Viewers into WW1 Battles

| Dec 18, 2020
War Remains VR Experience Takes Viewers into WW1 Battles
VR has peaked the interest of the National WW1 Museum and Memorial, who are looking to bring one of history’s largest conflicts into an interactive experience. Called War Remains, the VR film will be presented by Dan Carlin from “Hardcore History” across the Western Front. Here, viewers will be stepping into the boots of a soldier fighting on the front lines.

According to its release, viewers will be in a mix of live-action and fully 3D rendered recreations of WW1’s deadliest battles. The Western Front features “active battle scenes” which are carried with Carlin’s narration. The maps and assets would be developed by Flight School Studio with audio from Skywalker Sound for an immersive 360 experience. It’s worth noting that War Remains was already released for PCVR and SteamVR headsets earlier this year. But viewers can access the interactive VR experience as a location-based attraction at the National WW1 Museum and Memorial.

“We are extremely grateful to MWMi for the gift of War Remains. This experience is unlike anything that Kansas City has hosted before,” said memorial president Matthew Naylor, adding the VR platform would give viewers a near first-hand account of what happened in the Western Front. “War Remains will allow the viewer to immerse themselves in the trenches of WWI and experience it with all of their senses, reaching them on both an educational and emotional level.”

The award-winning War Remains experience premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival last year and saw a limited location-based release across Austin, Texas. War Remains would go on to win an award at the VR Awards. Viewers can experience it at home from SteamVR headsets as a digital release, or wait until Spring 2021 for the location-based experience at the National WW1 Museum and Memorial.

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