“Watch_Dogs 2” Hacks The Ubisoft Panel

| June 13, 2016
"Watch_Dogs 2" Hacks The Ubisoft Panel

On the heels of the trailer leak and world premiere event, Ubisoft gave us a further look at Watch_Dogs 2 at E3.

We were given our first taste of gameplay showing the games protagonist, Marcus Holloway, take on a corrupt politician by hacking into his building and gathering information against him. Gun battles, hacking, and cool escapes are what greeted us in the video.

Ubisoft said at the world premiere that “everything is hackable,” meaning a wider range of things are available to be hacked versus the first game. This includes many vehicles, robots, people, and anything connected to the ctOS2.0 network.

Watch Dogs 2 (Ps4) Review 8

Watch_Dogs 2 is releasing on Xbox One, PS4, and PC on November 15, 2016.

Playstation users will have access to all DLC 30 days before other platforms.

There are plans to turn the franchise into a movie.

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