Why You Need the Orion Upswitch This Holiday Season

| November 29, 2021
Why You Need the Orion Upswitch This Holiday Season 1

The Orion Upswitch is a new device that offers Nintendo Switch and mobile gamers a bigger, better on-the-go experience.

One of the worst issues for gamers is not being able to read small text on a small screen, so what about reading small text on a bigger screen? The Orion Upswitch is a start-up project, funded by Indiegogo, started by Orion to bring a better mobile experience to all Nintendo Switch players. Their main focus was that the community was asking for a bigger screen and that is what Orion did. The time to play Super Smash Bros Ultimate and Metroid Dread on-the-go is now.

The company boasts that the Orion Upswitch increases the Switch’s screen size by “188%” with its 11.6-inch full-HD screen. The new Nintendo Switch OLED increased its screen size from the standard 6.2-inch display to a beautiful 7-inch OLED display. But, if OLED is not your fancy, this upgrade could be something well worth it.

Okay, it makes the Switch screen size bigger, is that it? Not even close. The device is meant to give gamers the best mobile experience by offering a lot of supporting features, which include: its own HDMI and USB-C ports, integrated ergonomic joy-con slots, its own headphone jack, a kickstand and the new and improved dual stereo speakers. The number one issue that mobile gamers have is battery consumption. Well, the Orion Upswitch has a way to house a portable battery pack to add to the built-in Switch battery life.

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If this is still not enough to satisfy gamers who are constantly travelling, here is the last cherry on top feature. A lot of players have more than one console such as an Xbox Series X|S or a PlayStation 5. While they are primarily home entertainment consoles, the Orion Upswitch can also make these mobile entertainment consoles! Since this revolutionary device has its own HDMI connection and can act as a portable monitor, they thought, why not use it for other consoles too. But I guess you still need to find a spot with an electrical outlet to power your mobile Xbox or PlayStation console.

The Orion Upswitch is a must-have and even major retailers like GameStop are going to be selling them at $349.99 CAD. For that price point and what it offers, you will want to grab it as fast as you can.

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