Witchmarsh Sailed Well Past its Funding Goal

| Jun 17, 2014
Witchmarsh Sailed Well Past its Funding Goal

Inglenook’s so-called Jazz Age RPG has become the latest in the long and storied history of (relatively) large budget crowd funding indie successes. Witchmarsh has managed to score more than double its Kickstarter goal with a £102,430 sum, having garnered the attention of many a high-profile publication along its way. Unlike the enigmatic and unnatural shenanigans taking place therein, this co-op side-scroller’s appeal is plain to see.

The Great War is over. Something is amiss in New England. People are missing, their rescuer’s fee attracting would-be gumshoes from all walks of life. Claiming their reward, however, will require more than discerning wits and tenacity: there are horrors stalking the shadows who’d much prefer to explore an abdomen than indulge in verbal jousting. Your investigator will be suitably armed.

Character tailoring will involve a pick-‘n’-mix of attributes, perks, abilities, and equipment. The team suggests interesting interactions between your playable personalities, branching dialogue, and a system of clue-interpretation that will skew where your endeavors lead you. The intention is to wrap all this in an appealing early 20th century style and a combat system that preserves the depth of the likes of Baldur’s Gate despite Witchmarsh’s 2D perspective.

With funding achieved, a publisher found, and stretch goals atop the base application to build, a late 2015 delivery is expected. See you then!

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