Wolverine and Sabretooth at each other’s throats in Marvel Knights Animation

| Jan 16, 2014
Wolverine and Sabretooth at each other's throats in Marvel Knights Animation

Wolverine and Sabretooth are going head-to-head in the latest entry of the Marvel Knights Animation series of DVDs.

The series based on comic book stories from the Marvel universe set its sights on one of the most ferocious rivalries in comic book history. Shout! Factory released yesterday the new version of comic book writer Jeph Loeb’s 2007 Wolverine: Evolution, and is now called, Wolverine Vs. Sabretooth.

Marvel Knights Animation uses limited animation techniques and full voice and music recordings to deliver a unique visual experience. This particular story line is famous for introducing the villain known as Romulus, and — SPOILER WARNING — bringing about the death of Sabretooth at the hands of the wild-haired canuck.

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