World of Warships Takes the Fight To Space for April Fool’s Event

World of Warships Takes the Fight To Space for April Fool's Event 1
World of Warships: Legends players will clash amongst the stars in this year’s April Fool’s Event, starting next week.

The Stellar Clash event has begun and will take place until April 12, taking players to the edge of the known galaxy to defend it against “the Invaders.” Three spaceships are available: the battleship Alldestroyer, helmed by John Luke Pickup; the multi-purpose cruiser Galaxy, helmed by Shelly Beapley; and the high-speed destroyer Rover, piloted by “Space Fishy.” Each will feature unique skills and abilities that players will need to upgrade carefully to seize victory.

World Of Warships Is Leaning Heavily Into April Fool'S This Year With The Stellar Clash Event, On Now.
World of Warships is leaning heavily into April Fool’s this year with the Stellar Clash event, on now. (Wargaming)

Stellar Clash battles will pit nine players and a swarm of Invaders in chaotic free-for-all matches to assume control of the system. Solo captains will need to either seize the capture circle or be the last craft left alive to win. Boosts, including healing to improved reload times, will be scattered throughout constantly changing battlefields.

“Stellar Chips” will be awarded from these unique matches, to be spent on various space-themed skins and the new commanders for use outside of the event. Dedicated World of Warships captains can show off their spacefaring victories in regular sea-based gameplay long after the event. The true prize is the rare premium destroyer Yukikaze, for players who can amass enough riches to unlock it.

Wargaming is known for their attention to realistic detail in games like World of Warships, so the neon-tinged science fiction aesthetic may seem jarring. However the company has shown they can embrace their silly side as well. They recently staged a similarly uncharacteristic event in last year’s World of Tanks Halloween event, featuring Silent Hill-themed skins, which allowed players to unlock permanent horror-themed skins from a limited-time paranormal game mode. Experience The Stellar Clash event for yourself, now until April 12.

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