Xbox Developer Direct 2023: All The Major Announcements

xbox developer direct 2023 all the major announcements 23012501 3

Today fans were treated to the inaugural Xbox Developer Direct for 2023 and Minecraft Legends, ESO, Forza Motorsport and more were on full display.

After the initial Xbox Developer Direct announcement earlier this month, today is where it crash-landed for all fans to watch, streaming from the official Xbox YouTube and Twitch accounts. These directs aim to put the developer and their exciting upcoming titles on the pedestal for all fans to watch and get pumped for the upcoming year.

The Xbox Developer Direct definitely brought the heat with them on their first attempt, with showings from Mojang Studios bringing RTS-inspired Minecraft Legends, and Forza Motorsport, there is something exciting for fans of every genre when these showcases happen. But without further ado, here are the exciting announcements for the massive Xbox Developer Direct.

Xbox Developer Direct Highlights

Forza Motorsport: Turn 10 Studios – Xbox Developer Direct

Xbox Developer Direct 2023 All The Major Announcements 23012501

Turn 10 brought Forza Motorsport to the show, diving into the game’s mechanics, and spilling the beans about the game. There are over 500 cars for fans to get behind the wheel of, and 20 environments to race in. Customization is a huge part of Motorsport this time around, adding a HOARD of new personalization options for fans, and ray-tracing technology allows the new title to be the best-looking Forza Motorsport to date with a constant 60fps performance. With a focus on advanced audio systems like Dolby Atmos, this also promises to be the best-sounding title in the series as well.

Forza Motorsport is coming at a TBD date in 2023

Hi-Fi Rush: Tango Gameworks – Xbox Developer Direct

YouTube video

A fresh announcement followed with a third-person rhythm action title called Hi-Fi Rush, brought by the makers of The Evil Within, in a startling colourful atmosphere with a matching attitude and matching cel-shaded graphics that scream with inspiration from Borderlands and No More Heroes 3. The soundtrack of Hi-Fi Rush has music from huge musical talent like The Black Keys, providing musical prowess with the chaotic style of the game.

The player is Chai, a character constantly referred to as a ‘Defect’ in the teaser provided by Tango. When the player performs on beat with the game’s soundtrack, he performs much better, and the beat alters the world around the player constantly while exploring. The beat also follows enemy movements and attacks, forcing the player to pay attention to the sound at all times. While taking queues from Metal: Hellsinger, this is a COMPLETELY different concept brought to the Xbox Developer Direct.

This title releases TONIGHT “a few hours” after the Xbox Developer Direct and will release on Xbox Game Pass immediately.

ESO: Necrom: Zenimax Online Studios – Xbox Developer Direct

Xbox Developer Direct 2023 All The Major Announcements 23012501 1

ESO: Necrom, the next chapter in the Elder Scrolls Online title was revealed by Zenimax Studios next, featuring a brand new class called The Arcanist, a highly requested new class to the title. The class delves into ‘forbidden and powerful magics’ and not much else was expanded on regarding the class announcement just yet. Necrom takes place in Eastern Morrowind, which has not been in an Elder Scrolls game since 1994. Daedric Prince Hermaeus Mora not only makes an appearance in Necrom, but their plane of Oblivion, Apocryptha will be explorable as well.

Starting today for a limited time, ESO is allowing all players to test drive all previous expansions for free announced at the Xbox Developer Direct. ESO: Necrom launches on June 20th. A special Elder Scrolls Online showcase was subsequently announced that dives into more detail involving Necrom, which can be watched on the official Bethesda Twitch.

Redfall: Arkane Austin Studios – Xbox Developer Direct

Xbox Developer Direct 2023 All The Major Announcements 23012501 2

A highly anticipated story-based shooter was next up, Redfall was shown off. Set in the fictional town of Redfall, Massachusetts players will be driven through a narrative that features fighting through a night scourge of vampires, with special enemy variants such as ‘The Shroud’, ‘The Siphon’ or ‘The Rook’ which will add to the chaotic gameplay but also demand the hunters stay on their toes. Environmental hazards such as a gas tank could be utilized for tactical retreats, assuring the importance of player surrounding awareness.

It’s difficult to not see similarities between Redfall’s shown gameplay and Left for Dead, considering the player can choose their hero on the loadout screen (with each having their own abilities), and the fast chaotic cooperative gameplay with open-ended approach options. Redfall also features many side-missions or objectives that were showcased at the Xbox Developer Direct, allowing for a larger variety of gameplay outside of the main narrative, including a vast open world and territory-capturing objectives.

Redfall launches on May 2nd and will be an Xbox Console exclusive launching day one on Xbox Game Pass as announced by the Xbox Developer Direct.

Minecraft Legends: Mojang Studios – Xbox Developer Direct

YouTube video

Read more about Minecraft Legends in our feature article here.

That just about wrapped up the Xbox Developer Direct, which can be watched in its entirety below.

YouTube video
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