Minecraft Legends Introduces Competitive Multiplayer For The First Time

The Competitive Game You Didn't Know You Wanted

Minecraft Legends Introduces Competitive Multiplayer For The First Time 1

Minecraft Legends showed off how the PvP mode for the upcoming game is being developed at the Xbox and Bethesda Developer Direct event.

Mojang and Blackbird Interactive were proud to announce their work on their new, upcoming title, Minecraft Legends. Their presentation at the Xbox and Bethesda Developer Direct event highlighted how the two teams worked to create the competitive multiplayer PvP mode. The inclusion of multiplayer PvP has set a new achievement by implementing this multiplayer competitive mode for the first time in the game series’ history.

We have already seen a lot of the gameplay scenes and cinematic footage for the campaign, but this presentation was the first time the competitive multiplayer elements of Minecraft Legends were shown. The demo showed how the game would turn the world of Minecraft into a third-person action-strategy game. It looked like a mix of tower-defence games and RTS games.

Essentially, the PvP game mode would have two teams upward of 4v4 facing off to destroy each team’s bases. Each team appeared to have time to equal time to build up their base, explore and survive against mobs and enemy players. The game still kept its core characteristics, such as randomly-generated maps, so that each match would be a unique experience, as well as a learning one.

Minecraft Legends Introduces Competitive Multiplayer For The First Time 2

The Developer Direct presentation saw many of the developers discuss how they build their bases, how they like to explore, and many of the strategies they have seen from other teams. QA testing sessions with the QA team were also discussed. The devs explained how they were also randomly-generated treasure chests scattered across the battle arena map.

They also showed off some classic Minecraft mobs that each side will be able to use to help siege against their opponents’ base. They even explained how players could ride certain mounts like the Pink Tiger, which can be super fast and “cute”. They showed off other strategies, like where to lay down traps around their base in less obvious spots.

One of the coolest siege weapons was the Redstone Launcher which looked to wallop some big base damage. And the best part of the game looked to be its versatility of gameplay. Other than having unique maps, players would not be confined to one play style. Players are encouraged to try out different synergies, such as who builds, who explores and who scouts out the enemy’s base and activities.

Minecraft Legends Introduces Competitive Multiplayer For The First Time 3

The Vancouver-based multiplayer strategy game specialist, Blackbird Interactive, explained how their expertise in action strategy was something Mojang wanted to incorporate in Minecraft Legends, and it appeared like they delivered an interesting multiplayer PvP competitive game. Blackbird Interactive recently worked on bringing to life Crossfire: Legion (and has worked with Mojang before on Minecraft Earth back in 2019).

One of the biggest questions with big PvP ideas like this is always if friends could play together on different platforms. The Minecraft Legends devs said there would be cross-platform capabilities for the whole game, whether it was for the co-op campaign or the PvP mode.

Minecraft Legends has been planned to drop on April 18, 2023, for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC (Steam and Microsoft Windows). Gamers can pre-order or play the game with Game Pass. It will also be available on Nintendo Switch but at a later date. Stay tuned for more information or potential guides on some of our strategies in the PvP mode closer to the game’s release.

Ridge Harripersad
Ridge Harripersad

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