Xbox Series X Is Now A Real Refrigerator That Is Available For Order October 19

Xbox Series X Is Now A Real Refrigerator That Is Available For Order October 19

There have been many memes about Xbox Series X looking like a refrigerator, now Microsoft looks to capitalize on that by fan vote and making it reality.

Back in October 2020, the Microsoft Xbox Series X console launch released a giveaway that gave fans a lucky chance to receive a mini-fridge in the styling of the new Xbox console, but now fans don’t need to be lucky.

Today, Microsoft unveiled the newest chapter in their Xbox Series lineup, the mini-fridge.

Xbox Series X Is Now A Real Refrigerator That Is Available For Order October 19

The 6-foot 400-pound behemoth is now a Microsoft fan’s reality in the shape and stylings of the Series X console. This brings a whole new meaning to ‘Netflix and Chill,’ and Xbox now wants consumers to “Xbox and Chill,” literally. The unit brings the power with shelf capacity and space for any gamer den that could use fewer trips to the larger fridge in the kitchen.

With many shelves and drawers, and ample door space, this fridge is any man cave’s needed accessory with a design true to the impossible to get Xbox Series X console. All fans need to know is, please don’t put your actual Xbox’s in the unit. The sleek design has a home button exactly where the Series X console’s button is, in a true 1:1 construction except much larger. The Ukonic! team-up device can drag you across the steepest of gaming experiences by handling more than 10 cans of fans’ favourite brew.

For more Xbox-like features, the fridge won’t let your devices stay uncharged either, with USB ports to plug tech into, and a DC power adapter to allow the fridge to go where the fan goes. This is where that rumoured Xbox portable went.

The presale of this exciting device will go live on October 19, and ship in time for the Holiday Season in December 2021.

The Xbox Series X mini-fridge will be available first at Target in the US, and the Xbox Gear store in Canada for the price of $99.99.

More information can be found here.

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