Black Desert Online Sees 230% Increase in New Players In Wake of 2021 Class Reboot 

Amsterdam, the Netherlands — January 12, 2022 — Korean developer Pearl Abyss is excited to announce that its flagship MMORPG

Black Desert Online has seen an over 230% increase in new daily players on PC platforms in North America & Europe and a 165% new daily player increase globally.

The player increase comes in the wake of a major class reboot, multiple new content updates and season servers.

In December 2021, 17 of the currently 23 available classes in Black Desert Online have been rebooted and given a major overhaul including new skill sets, improved abilities and damage factors. New customisation and appearance options have also been added for each of the classes to highlight the unique identity that each of them offers. Additionally, adventurers will be pleased to learn that class balance has also been improved, which now offer various improvements including those that help adventurers in PvE content.
To celebrate the class reboot,

Adventurers can take personality tests to find out which class best suits them as well as use Marni’s Unstable Fuel to try out new player classes using their main character’s existing gear. An array of in-game rewards also awaits players directly in-game, including new guild missions and login rewards, and players can utilise the Winter Season servers which were launched in December 2021 to accelerate their levelling process and reach higher level quicker.

For more information regarding the Reboot Update, season servers and other exciting news, please visit the official website.

About Black Desert IP
The Black Desert IP is Pearl Abyss’ open-world action MMORPG franchise with cutting-edge visuals and skill-based combat that redefines the genre. With the most developed character customization system of any game currently on the market, users can break out of the norm and make unique characters that truly represent themselves. Its intuitive controls, beautifully designed world, and extensive lore will excite both newcomers and veterans of MMO games and action RPGs. Pearl Abyss is currently servicing the Black Desert IP, which has gained 40 million players across the world on PC, mobile, and console.

About Pearl Abyss
Established in 2010, Pearl Abyss is a leading developer in the game industry with its renowned MMORPG franchise Black Desert. Pearl Abyss services the Black Desert IP across all platforms and its action-packed PvP Shadow Arena on Early Access on Steam. All of Pearl Abyss’ games are built on the company’s proprietary engine and are renowned for cutting-edge graphics. Pearl Abyss is currently developing Crimson Desert, DokeV, and PLAN 8 using its next-generation game engine and poised to grow its overseas market. More information about Pearl Abyss is available at: