Buxicution just released on the Google Play Store.

It is a fast-paced top-down bullet-hell shooter, set on top of circuit boards. The player is energy ball from inside the system. It has to get rid of the bugs and execute them all. Therefore, becoming the ultimate BUXICUTOR.

In order to achieve this goal, the player has to cleverly make use of his energy. It can either be used for defense, shielding itself from incoming projectiles or in an offensive way, shooting walls of electricity towards its enemies. But the player has to be careful, doing either of these two things costs energy. Energy, which also acts as the life force for the player. Between lots of enemy attacks and his own actions, the player must ensure not to run out of it, or the game will end.

Each of the 5 levels of the game, is filled with multiple challenging combat rooms the player has to fight through. Throughout the game, 3 different types of enemies pose a threat to the energy ball. There are:


  • Bomb Spiders: Spawn continuously until all the other threats are dealt with, following the player around until they get close enough to explode.
  • Sniper Bugs: Aim at the player from across the room, locking on after a few seconds, shooting a deadly laser beam towards the player, only giving it little time to doge.
  • Turrets: Constantly send out bullets across the room, making it difficult for the player to move around.

The game also features a boss fight in the end. A climactic battle between the huge chief of the bugs, utilizing all the power of the 3 enemy types, and the ball of energy. A final test of the player’s strength.
Buxicution offers something for competitive players and speedrunners too. Each Level has its own Leaderboard, where players of all skill levels can race for the fastest level completion times.

Buxicution on Google Play: Download Buxicution
Buxicution Trailer: Buxicution Trailer