Cannibal Cuisine: All you can eat on all platforms!

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM – January 11, 2021 – Finally the day will arrive that all gamers can play the colorful 1-4 player cartoon cooking game Cannibal Cuisine, as it’s now also coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and the Microsoft Store on January 25! To celebrate the fact, the Rocket Vulture team has released the new, free expansion The Curse of the Scarab King, so you can ALL enjoy the feeding frenzy even more. 

Check out the new release date reveal trailer here: 


The tourists themselves obviously will not be as happy about it, so a bit of a fight is necessary. You and your fellow cannibals need to cook, punch, slap and push and use platforming skills to make it through every level and finally defeat the evil god Hoochooboo in his volcano lair. A chaotic couch party experience for 1-4 players, local or online, co-op or versus!

Pick a voodoo power like fire breathing or stunning stomps, decorate your chef, and test your skills in locations from trap-filled temples to idyllic beaches and live volcanos. Special ‘boss’ levels pose a unique challenge that may not have anything to do with cooking! But the expansion will feature many more new mechanics and it will not only be on PlayStation and Xbox but on Nintendo Switch and Steam as well. Dig into a feast of new features!

The free expansion: The Curse of the Scarab King features new levels and mechanics:

  • 5 levels and one Challenge level
  • Mummies!
  • Ancient Egyptian inspired visuals
  • New cosmetic items
  • Collect gems from scarabs to disable traps
  • Don’t dump your friends in the drink with switchable bridges

Yummy mummies

If you haven’t already been enjoying this exquisite cuisine yet, January will be the perfect time to sit down for a virtual meal as Rocket Vulture releases a brand new, completely free campaign available on January 25 as well! The Curse of the Scarab King expansion adds 5 new levels and a new challenge level where you must face the Scarab King himself. Dig into the sand of an ancient desert and chop up some mummies that wander around – on Switch and Steam too! 


Cannibal Cuisine: All You Can Eat On All Platforms!


Building bridges

New game mechanics are added too, including switch-controlled bridges, so it’s best to really try and be a team with your fellow cannibal friends. You wouldn’t want them ending up dead… right? So apart from chopping up mummies, you now have to shut down the deadly green beams by hunting a scarab, stealing their gem, and plugging it into the gem socket.
Cannibal Cuisine: All You Can Eat On All Platforms!Cannibal Cuisine: All You Can Eat On All Platforms!

Cool Cannibal costumes
And because you want to look like the coolest cannibal ever, the new expansion also features new cosmetics, adding 8 new items – perhaps a turban or fez appeals to your sense of style? Or a golden-hilted scimitar will be your weapon of choice? You can combine these with the main game items, so you can pair a classic chef’s hat with a new axe, or combo a Roman-style plumed helmet with a frying pan.

So grab a knife (or controller) because this will be the best meal ever!

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Food for thought
Developer Toon van Wemmel states that the team is proud of their latest release: “It’s very exciting to be releasing Cannibal Cuisine on Xbox and PlayStation, bringing a whole new collection of chefs into the action on these great platforms. We’re also looking forward to seeing how fans new and old enjoy our free expansion: The Curse of the Scarab King!”


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About the Developers
Cannibal Cuisine is the latest game from the indie team Rocket Vulture. In a fortunate twist of fate, two childhood friends met a third aspiring game maker as neighbors in their home country of Belgium, bonding over BBQ (a fitting background for Cannibal Cuisine). Being fans of Overcooked and all kinds of arcade games, the team quickly settled on the concept: an Overcooked style cook ‘em up featuring combat, magical powers and a little platforming.

Press Contact
Dennis Mons (Game Drive)
Public Relations Rocket Vulture
E-mail: [email protected]