Create ultimate shelter in Bunker Builder Simulator

Have you ever wondered how the best bunker builders work? You can find out for yourself in Bunker Builder Simulator, a new game from HyperStudio.


Each day media are telling us about disasters waiting for humankind in near future. Viruses, asteroids, nuclear warfare – you can choose one of many. You have seen titles informing about those. If you want to prepare yourself for those disasters you can build your bunker.

That’s where a new game from HyperStudio comes into play – Bunker Builder Simulator puts you into the position of the owner of the bunker builder company. You will have to manage the needs and safety of your clients. If you will make a good job you will earn a fortune. Acquire new contracts and make a name for your company. A good reputation will bring new customers to you.

With new contracts comes new abilities and items. As you progress you will gain access to a wide array of building tools, machines, and furniture. Thanks to them you will be able to work even more effectively.

Bunker Builder Simulator will be available on Steam. Add it to your Steam Wishlist to not miss any pieces of information about the game.