Crush the Castle: Legacy Collection catapults onto PC and mobile

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13 JAN 2022 – Publisher Armor Games Studios is delighted to announce Crush the Castle: Legacy Collection, a brand-new remastered bundle for PC and mobile that honours the cult-classic Crush the Castle web game series.

Since its launch back in 2009, the original Crush the Castle title has been played around 26.9 million times on the Armor Games Website alone. The series has since expanded to include several additional titles, two of which have been lovingly remastered in the legacy collection.

Following the success of Armor’s recent The Last Stand: Legacy Collection, the publisher has once again reached into its vault of classic and beloved Flash titles to produce a collection deserving of Crush the Castle‘s pedigree.

The gameplay of Crush the Castle is easy to pick up but legendarily tough to master. Players must strategically topple castles with their trusty catapult to squish baddies and save hostage. Each level offers more complicated structures with upgraded weapons and abilities unlocking as the game progresses for an ever-evolving challenge.

Crush the Castle: Legacy Collection features three of the classic Crush the Castle titles remastered for modern hardware. The extensive collection includes the original Crush the Castle, as well as Crush the Castle 2, and Crush the Castle Adventures. On top of that, also included are the two fan-favourite “Player’s Pack” expansions for Crush the Castle 1 & 2.

Armor Games CEO John Cooney says, “Crush the Castle has been an incredible part of our history in Flash games, and we’re proud to bring the remastered titles to long-time fans who played the originals and the newcomers launching their trebuchets for the first time.Crush the Castle: Legacy collection will launch on PC via Steam, iOS and Android on March 1, priced $9.99 USD.

Players on PC can wishlist the game on Steam from today.

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About Crush the Castle Legacy Collection

A smashing good time. 

Take control of your catapult and strategise the best downfall for your enemy’s fortresses in Crush the Castle. Encompassing five remastered physics-based flash games developed by Armor Games, the Crush the Castle Legacy Collection takes players through various stages with new castles to destroy and more baddies to squish.

Strategy plays a key role in positioning your trebuchet to hurl ammo at potential weak points. If your aim is true, you’ll smash into the enemy stronghold and send it flying… though you have limited ammo in each stage to succeed. 


About Armor Games

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