Democracy 4 is on full release TODAY, out of Early Access at last!

Democracy 4, the political strategy game is now on full release (out of early access) and on sale. The game is developed and published by positech games, the UK micro-studio behind Gratuitous Space Battles and Production Line.

Democracy 4 is like no other game. There is no 3D world, no map, no units, no weapons. Its a turn based political simulation focused on decision making and compromises with a completely unique style and user interface. To celebrate moving out of early access we put together a new trailer for the game: (also found here).

Changes From Democracy 3

I put together a video that outlines the biggest changes between Democracy 3 and 4, and you can find it on youtube here:

Democracy 4 was in Early Access for just over a year, and was in pre-alpha for a good while before then. The previous game in the series was released way back in 2013, When Barack Obama was President and the UK Prime Minister was David Cameron. Pre-Brexit, Pre-Trump, Pre-Covid!

The game is currently available on 4 stores and direct from us, using the humble widget. Here are the links:


Humble Store:


Epic Store:


The price is $26.99

Currently the game’s steam review score is 91% positive.


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