Dragon Awaken 3.9 – The Update Players Didn’t See Coming

Dragon Awaken 3.9 – The Update Players Didn’t See Coming

The Dragon Awaken team promised that exciting things would be following in quick succession after the HTML5 upgrade. Little did fans realize just how fast and thrilling those things would be. In truth, the developers have been hard at work planning and preparing Dragon Awaken Update 3.9 for a long time, all as a show of gratitude to the player base. Who doesn’t love a surprise? Especially when it’s dungeon shaped. 

What’s new in Dragon Awaken 3.9?

There are two sparkling new features to be found in your surprise summer update! Dragon Awaken version 3.9 introduces a new Dragon Imprint feature designed to help players become masters of resistance and anti-resistance. Plus, there’s a brand-new dungeon, the Demon Altar, complete with rewards to die for. And when we say, “to die for”, well… good luck!

Dragon Awaken 3.9 – The Update Players Didn’t See Coming
  1. Dragon Imprint

A new mechanic, “Dragon Imprint”, now unlocks at Level 73. Dragon Imprints will be a new gateway in the Dragon-Dragon Essence interface. Their primary function is to increase the stats of Resistance Gems and Anti-Resistance Gems (which are increased by 30% Anti-resistance Gem every 10 levels). 

For example, at level 100, a Dragon Imprint would increase Resistance by 290% and Anti-Resistance by 300%. Of course, using different level crystals and playing around with material consumption will affect this equation. But the best way to find out how is to collect some Dragon Imprint Stones, then experience and experiment for yourself!

Dragon Awaken 3.9 – The Update Players Didn’t See Coming
  1. Demon Altar

Above rivers of fire, the forces of darkness are amassing at an altar to the underworlds. Only brave heroes and Fel Energy can stop them. The Demon Altar is a Level 66 Multi-Dungeon event, exclusively available in Cross-server rooms.

There are three breeds of monsters to deal with, plus a ferocious demonic boss. Here’s how this unique encounter works:

Firstly, players will need to collect Fel Energy and bring it to the Altar. After arriving at the Altar, the Fel Energy will be automatically deposited. There are 12 Fel Energies to collect, and the fourth deposit will activate the Altar. Once active, the Altar will summon fearsome monsters. After they’re defeated, an even more formidable boss will arrive. 

There are three difficulty levels available: Normal (requires the completion of quest 1), Hard (requires the completion of quest 1 and 2), and for the brave amongst you, Nightmare (requires the completion of quests 1, 2, and 3).

Should players succeed in overcoming these devilish trials and demonic tribulations, they shall be generously rewarded with a Tattoo Enhancement Stone.

So… what are you waiting for? It’s time to load up Dragon Awaken 3.9 and see if you’ve got what it takes to stop the rise of the forces of darkness.

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