EVOS Announces Launch of EVOS Thunder Bogor basketball team As Part of Their Expansion to Traditional Sport

Jakarta, 12 Januari 2022 — After successfully conquering the esports scene and becoming the leading esports team in Southeast Asia, today EVOS officially expanded their reach to traditional sports with the inauguration of EVOS basketball team EVOS Thunder Bogor. EVOS Thunder Bogor will be based at Bogor city and will be using The Bucketlist venue as their home base/match arena, and will take part in the Indonesian Basketball League (IBL) 2022.  Unlike other basketball teams, EVOS Thunder Bogor headquarters, The Bucketlist, will also function as a community center for basketball lovers and EVOS fans.

The launch of the EVOS Thunder Bogor team today was also attended by the presence of the Bogor city government, Drs. H. Dedie A. Rachim, MA – Deputy Mayor of Bogor, Drs. Herry Karnadi, M.Si. – Dispora Bogor, Riki Robiansyah S.STP – subdistrict head Bogor Utara, Drs. Uay Sutiawan- Head of Tanah Baru Village, Junas Miradiarsyah – Indonesian Basketball League, George Fernando – Vice President PP PERBASI, Nirmala Dewi – General Secretary PP PERBASI,  and Hengky Kristian – Head of Training Division PERBASI Bogor City. The Grand Launching of EVOS Thunder Bogor is also supported by Yamaha with the latest Classy Yamaha Fazzio product.

Responding to the inauguration of the EVOS Thunder Bogor, Managing Director of EVOS, Hartman Harris, said “We are certainly very excited and happy with the inauguration of our new family EVOS Thunder Bogor. Through this expansion, we hope to bring new breakthroughs in the world of basketball and the sportainment industry. We chose basketball based on the interest and enthusiasm shown by our EVOS Fams for basketball.”

Led by experienced coach Andre Yuwadi, EVOS Thunder Bogor is optimistic about starting its journey in early 2022 in the IBL 2022 competition. Responding to this inauguration, Head Coach of EVOS Thunder Bogor, Andre Yuwadi said, “It is an honor for me to be trusted to lead EVOS Thunder Bogor, and become part of the EVOS family. We are optimistic that with the extraordinary support from EVOS Fams, coupled with the quality of our team, we can excel in various competitions, and of course make EVOS Fams proud.”

“Through EVOS Thunder Bogor, we certainly hope to continue to record various achievements and of course make EVOS and Indonesia proud in various competitions. We also hope that through EVOS Thunder Bogor, we can get closer to evos FAMS, and basketball enthusiasts throughout Indonesia,” concluded Hartman Harris.

EVOS Thunder Bogor Complete Roster:
Head Coach                       : Andre Yuwadi

Team Manager                    : Iwan Murryawan

Assistant Coach                    : Muhammad Hosim
                                                  Ricky Dwi Tauri

Strength and Conditioning Coach    : Felix Ary Bayu

Player                             : Andrian Danny Christianto
                                    Anggi Alfiandi
                                    Cassiopeia Thomas Manuputty
                                    Christopher Jason Winata 
                                    Daniel Timothy Wenas
                                    Hendra Thio
                                    Jaywuan D’angelo Hill
                                    Juan Alexius Anggara
                                    Karamoko Sokroka Cisse
                                    Muhammad Yasier Rahmat
                                    Padre Taranngiar Hosbach
                                    Reza Arfah Roediana
                                    Rheza Saputra Butar Butar
                                    Tri Hartanto
                                    William Rivaldi Kosasih


About EVOS
EVOS is the leading esports team and the only team spread regionally in SEA – with teams in Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. The success of the EVOS esports team has included several games ranging from Mobile Legend (MPL & M1), ROV, Wildrift (Wildrift SEA regionals) Free Fire (Free Fire Worlds), PUBGM, etc. In 2021, EVOS will expand into the basketball industry by launching its newest team: EVOS Thunder, which is based in Bogor to this day.
EVOS was built on the belief that the world would be a better place, if people were given the opportunity to pursue careers in the things they love. We are starting to build the infrastructure to support aspiring professional athletes and content creators, helping them fulfill their dreams and inspire future generations.
EVOS Thunder Bogor is not just an ordinary basketball team, but one of the important driving elements for the progress of basketball in Indonesia. EVOS Thunder Bogor is strengthened by various star players who have many achievements through the IBL championship as well as coaches and professional team members, who are ready to give the best performance in the 2022 Indonesian Basketball League championship.

Information and Contact Person for EVOS Thunder Bogor:
Cristia Janto
Geraldy Justin Caesar
083808411640 | geraldy@whim.sg