Fast-paced hack and slash Bloodroots gets a physical Switch release next week!

The world is your weapon, so get creative with your vengeance!

For our first release of 2022, we’re proud to announce our partnership with Paper Cult for their fast-paced ultra-violent hack and slash Bloodroots, available in physical form for the first time on the Nintendo Switch™.

Only 4,000 copies total will ever be printed, which go on sale January 13th at 6pm GMT (10am PT/1pm ET) – available worldwide exclusively at

In typical Super Rare Games tradition, this rare print physical release includes all the current content on its cart, a full-colour manual, interior artwork, an exclusive sticker, and trading cards. Fans won’t have long to wait, as Super Rare Games titles ship soon after going on sale.

YouTube trailer | Store page

About Bloodroots

Bloodroots is an action-packed bloody hack and slash. Stepping into the boots of Mr. Wolf, your job is to track down the person who betrayed and left you for dead, and once you do… it’s time to take your revenge! Thankfully for Mr. Wolf, the world is your weapon.

? The world is your weaponry – A world overflowing with makeshift weapons that not only change the way you fight, but how you get around, from hatchets, to ladders, to…carrots? It’s improvise or die!

Fast-paced combat – Unfolding across the sprawling Weird West, this is a one-hit kill die-retry murder ballet. Chain deadly combos by improvising your kills with utterly everything you can get your hands on. Die and retry until you carve your way to vengeance!

? Varying landscapes – Fight your way through a variety of handcrafted levels, from forests to mountaintops!

? Take on the world – Improvise the most deadly combos and compete for fame on worldwide leaderboards!

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