Gagex’s cinematic adventure game, The Kids We Were, is now available on Steam!

To celebrate this release, we’re offering a limited-time 20% discount!

Gagex is delighted to announce the release of the Steam® edition of its cinematic adventure game, The Kids We Were! To celebrate, we’re offering a limited-time discount of 20% on all purchases of The Kids We Were. For more information about our game, please check out the Steam® store page.
(Gagex Company Info – HQ: Sumida-ku, Tokyo / CEO: Kensuke Imura)

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Sale Period: Until Wednesday January 19th, 2022
Price: $15.99 (USD, tax included) → Sale Price: 20% discount
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[Game Outline]
The Kids We Were is an award-winning adventure game originally released worldwide for smartphones in February, 2020. Selected as one of the top 3 titles at the Google Play Indie Games Festival in 2020, it has also won the Avex Award, and been chosen for the Best Indies category of Google Play’s Best Games of 2020.
Set in the late Japanese Showa era (the 1980s), The Kids We Were is a nostalgic journey through a unique time in Japan’s recent history. In this game, you’ll take on the role of Minato, a young boy who sets out on an unexpected summer adventure.

[Game Features]
1. Journey with newfound friends to unravel the secrets of the Seven Mysteries notebook, save your family, and fix a broken future

2. Collect over 90 retro items hidden in the nooks and crannies of a Japanese town in the 1980s

3. Play through a bonus epilogue episode, “Mirai’s Pendant”

4. The Steam® edition features original achievements only available here. We hope they add an extra dash of fun to the story and collectable aspects of our game.

Our story begins with Minato arriving in the small town of Kagami, an exceptionally ordinary sort of place in a sleepy suburb of Tokyo.

But there’s more to this simple trip than meets the eye. Minato has a secret objective: he intends to find his missing father, who is supposedly living somewhere in the area.

Our young sleuth Minato wastes no time getting started, and soon finds a puzzling clue to his father’s whereabouts: a mysterious notebook left for him with the portentous title “The Seven Mysteries.”

With this notebook as his guide, Minato sets out on a long and difficult journey—not through space, but through time. For his destination is none other than 33 years in the past—the day his father and mother first met!

[Product Information]
Title : The Kids We Were
Genre : Cinematic Adventure
Platform : Steam®
Price : Standard Price: $15.99 (USD, tax included)
   Sale Price: 20% discount
Format : Download Only
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